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The workshop at Etsy was great! Especially special was seeing how nuts everyone got with creating incredible little editions. Etsy’s posted how-to instructions for the secret message volume seen above on their site which you could find HERE! They’re in German, but there’s pictures!


This Monday night, as part of Monday Craft Night at the Etsy Labs, I’ll be teaching all who show up how to make a small accordion book. This is a little skill you could take with you to tiny-publishing heights! Make it your own, make a zine! Need a little inspiration? Peruse the artful stacks of the Reading Raum! The fun starts at 19 o’clock.

We opened last Friday with less a bang, and more a beer-in-hand, often-quiet, sometimes-crowded, perusal of some really great zines, tiny publishers, and paper ephemera from a few different corners of this globe. It’s just how we roll.

Due to the nature of this exhibition, we won’t have an online shop for all of you far from Berlin to peek at, but so many of our contributors have online shops of their own and we’re working on putting together a list of zine and comic libraries.

For more pictures of the raum and the opening, we have a little archive here.