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There’s some blow-you-away lookers sitting on our shelves over here. My paltry photography skills doesn’t do them justice so you should really just come and take a peak. One rule: no drooling!

Here’s a tiny sampling with work from Tara Bursey, Robert Dayton, HLG, fox italic, Karl Addison, Faye Moorhouse, Pogobooks, naivsuper & nieves.


Wondering how far things have come since 2007? Maybe even what crafters in Montreal were up to in 2002? We’ve got some pretty great crafty crit, lit and know-how from the early-ish days of this movement here in The Reading Raum! Err…is it still a movement, or have we arrived?

Included here is CROQ #4 with a recap of the very first Craft Congress(!) and a few d.i.y. manuals from Church of Craft congregations in Montreal and Toronto. Special thanks goes to kabinet friend Jen Anisef for caring for many of these gems over the years.

zines by Faye Moorhouse, Tara Bursey, naivesuper books

Need a little love this summer? We recommend you take a little browse through our collection to get what you want. Romance, smut, critical evaluation? There’s something between these covers for everyone! Here’s a peek of what’s on the shelf…

zines on loan from the collections of Jen Anisef, Stephanie Wu, and Leah Buckareff

Tijuana Bibles from Renate! - modern versions of the classic comic smut.