The workshop at Etsy was great! Especially special was seeing how nuts everyone got with creating incredible little editions. Etsy’s posted how-to instructions for the secret message volume seen above on their site which you could find HERE! They’re in German, but there’s pictures!


This Monday night, as part of Monday Craft Night at the Etsy Labs, I’ll be teaching all who show up how to make a small accordion book. This is a little skill you could take with you to tiny-publishing heights! Make it your own, make a zine! Need a little inspiration? Peruse the artful stacks of the Reading Raum! The fun starts at 19 o’clock.

We opened last Friday with less a bang, and more a beer-in-hand, often-quiet, sometimes-crowded, perusal of some really great zines, tiny publishers, and paper ephemera from a few different corners of this globe. It’s just how we roll.

Due to the nature of this exhibition, we won’t have an online shop for all of you far from Berlin to peek at, but so many of our contributors have online shops of their own and we’re working on putting together a list of zine and comic libraries.

For more pictures of the raum and the opening, we have a little archive here.

Opening day is in 72 hours away and just a quick skim through our list of contributors tells you that many people had a hand in helping exhibition No. 3, aka The Reading Raum, come to fruition.

We’re pretty overwhelmed these days, not just by the amazing work arriving in our post box daily, but also the huge amount of help we’ve received putting this together.

Thanks to Ina, Dolly, Stef, the really mighty ladies at Etsy, and for EVERYTHING: Aidan.

Oh yeah, in case you didn’t catch that, we open up FRIDAY, MAY 27 at 7pm!!!

As No.2 draws to a final close this week, we’re celebrating with something special for you! If you’ve had your eye on a certain wunder in the kabinet, now is your very last chance to make it yours.

For the final 4 days of the exhibition, everything in the kabinet will be 20 percent off! You must visit us and celebrate in person to receive the discount. A considerable one, we might add, as No.2 houses some incredible works!

Don’t delay!

We’ve got news. It’s big.

No. 3, otherwise – and, perhaps nostalgically – known as The Reading Raum has us not only changing exhibitions, but also exhibition space! Our new raum is less kabinet and more….turtle.

Located inside Etsy’s Berlin Labs, ‘The Turtle‘ was designed by Luis Berrios Negron as a modulor/mobile space for workshops and exhibitions. This incredible cubicle on wheels will be our summer home which we’ll be filling with zines, books, and printed papers from around the globe! Acting as both an archive of zine collections lent to us and gallery of more current works, The Reading Raum will be a full-on interactive project, complete with a comfy couch and floor cushions to wile away some summer hours exploring the world of super-indie publishing. Yay!

Oh yes, we open May 27!!

Bun Box by Émilie Voirin

Hey we have great news! Sometimes the universe just works out its issues and this installment of The Wunderkabinet, No. 2, gets extended for 3 extra weeks! Peeks and purchases welcome until May 21.

Vintage Flowers by Lori Hutchinson

There are few things that can beat a spring day in Berlin. The city is filling up as people emerge from beneath the rocks they’ve been hibernating under to absorb a little vitamin D the old fashioned way.

Sadly, dwelling under a rock, one might miss something fantastic happening around them. Like maybe something curious and amazing from The Wunderkabinet! Some pieces of wonder are being snapped up very quickly so to make sure you don’t miss out, come in and have a look!

But, just before you leave this virtual world, jump over to this interview current kabinet artist Sara Guindon of The Pin Pals did with the lovely Pikaland!

Far away from lovely Berlin? Take a stroll through our online shop.

We’ve played our exhibitions close to the heart of late and forgone on the open calls, but the upcoming transformation of The Wunderkabinet into No. 3/The Reading Raum has us wanting to reach out to writers and zinesters around the globe.

We’ll be splitting the kabinet into two components: ‘for sale’ & ‘read-only’. This means that if you’re more into the collecting than the making, you could lend or donate zines to the exhibition. Of course, if you’re a maker of zines, books, and related ephemera, we want to hear from you, too!

The deadline to get in touch with us is March 25 – please do so if you have any questions. Submission guidelines can be found HERE! No. 3 will open in mid-May and run for the summer.

This is late arrival in the kabinet, but it’s been in the works for months. We hadn’t previously announced it because we weren’t sure if it would happen, but we were so, so happy when a parcel finally arrived from far, far away…

We first discovered the work of Rainey Nasugraq Hopson through another kabinet artist, Becky Johnson, and knew we had to get her work to Berlin. It finally happened and six vials of ‘Arctic Bits’ arrived this week.

We asked Nasugraq to tell us a little bit about this work…

As an Alaskan Native I am very lucky to have access to materials that are specific to our way of life. Since I live a mainly traditional subsistence lifestyle, I save all the ‘leftovers’ from the animals we harvest for food and survival in the arctic. I have a huge heavy duty metal drawer that I store all of my Alaskan Native materials in. And it always seems that no matter what I do, tiny bits and pieces of those materials gather at the bottom like little escapees. They are still beautiful pieces, just too small to really do anything with them. So I made them available for someone else to admire!

If you cannot visit The Wunderkabinet to view these pieces, you could take a look and purchase one here.