We’re very happy to open up The Wunderkabinet to the rest of the world with our brand spankin’ new online gallery shop*!

As a very special promotion, we will randomly choose 2 people who comment on this post and 2 people who ‘Like’ our Facebook Page to each receive a 10 euro voucher that could be put towards a purchase online or in person. This means that everyone has TWO! chances to receive a special gift. And you have until midnight (European Central Standard Time; 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time), on Friday, 12 November to do so!

Go to our Facebook Page, or leave a comment right here! Better yet, take your mouse for a stroll through our virtual gallery shop!

*It should be noted that that not everything available in The Wunderkabinet is available for purchase online. Those items that are available directly through the artist online, will not be in featured in the gallery shop, as well as a few larger artworks.