La Bastellerie is undergoing some renovations that will make it not only a better place to spend an afternoon lounging and making, but also an even better home for the The Wunderkabinet!

So as not to interfere with the re-construction, the grand unveiling date for The Wunderkabinet is pushed back one month to September 25. We don’t anticipate this to cause you much grief; in fact we hope that by pushing this out of the wake of summer and the holiday-making that it represents, we could offer something no hand-maker ever has enough of — a little bit more time. It also means that you have 3 more weeks to send in a proposal – this gives those of you who have spent the last month trying to do no more than keep cool in the sweltering heat a chance to get applications submitted! For artists from parts not-so-near, and those from whom we’ve specially requested items, this means we have the minor leverage of a few extra weeks against the world’s postal services.

The new deadline for applications is now August 18. For a little inspiration and anticipation, starting next week we’ll be posting about some of the artists we’ve sought out to join this first exhibition.